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> A Tipical Chinese Wedding

Bride with red cover is tipical in traditional Chinese wedding, so does the groom be in red. The new couple hold silk lace on both sides, sedan chair, firecracker, wind instruments all showing national charactors. 

simple and unsophisticated, with detailed proprieties, Triditional Chinese Wedding is actracting more and more young people, especially international wedding couples.

Planning Process:

30 days before wedding day:  exchange the theme and content of the wedding with your toastmaster. Details like sedan chair, dress etc. need to be confirmed.

14 days before wedding day:  Notify relatives and friends so that they can dress accordingly.

7 days before wedding day: toilette & disposal final confirmation

One day before wedding day: rehearsal with toastmaster, cameramen, sedan chair men.
the wedding day

07:00  Bride start to prink,
09:00  Groom come with sedan chair
09:30  Bride takes the red cover, Groom leads Bride with silk lace
10:00  Sedan chair arrives at ceremony, guests welcoming
11:00  Bride walks over fire basin, acrosses the saddle and walks into the ceremony
11:08  Ceremony starts

Above is a tipical wedding and in Shanghai there is difference quite a lot. Your expection and the proposal from the planner determine what youw wedding would be.

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