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> Ancient six etiquette

The tang dynasty weddings and weeks system wedding identical, because the ancients pass down wedding provisions six rite, namely: nano mining, ask name, nagy, imre, nano sign, please period, close to meet. Since then the general follows the ritual.

The first is nano mining. The man and the woman to evil, will please MeiShuo went to the woman to propose, get answer, then officially to the bride's side's "pick gift". Also is the common saying say parents of life, by matchmakers' help. Just as its name implies, medium, refers to complies with the second name; Are tigers' refers to consider two surname man. Matchmaker come out to mix, in fact, in accordance with the ancient guild regulations, is to have a guy's hand. One is the axe, 2 it is balance. Have axe is originated from the book of odes · Bin wind · cutting ko "in the poem: cutting kovar ko, the bandit axe means. Take a wife? Bandits medium may not. Has scale, pay attention to is equal status. The ancients in mendanghudui aspects pay attention to a lot of, for instance a good base not marriage, for example, jia baoyu can't marry her when legal wife, JiaLian cannot righting especially two elder sister all match among them of righteousness. Also have exception of course, such as the song dynasty on ZeXu under the wind, is the so-called have oneself in the book YanRuYu, as long as a jinshi, nature has rich girl automatic delivery. Similar now take an examination of civil servants, they have no woman.

The nature, and the other a more special form of marriage, such as marriages. In general the tang dynasties marriage, no matter the royal or folk, relative is more relaxed. In the tang dynasty, the control of the relative strict some, such as regulation, nonresident account and people in principle is not in the local marry his wife, even if there is a tang dynasty conference semifinals green card married han female, also can't back to "land. The border is more severe, since without the city after change (tubo married a woman to the tang dynasty of Virginia, he became the father of two sons, grow up switch offer city and tubo, then tubo change to worry about city Victoria. Thou dragon "LiuXiaoFeng" lai section is probably talk at this story), began to the standard. Song dynasty, also have a allusions, qingli periods increase currency. Liao to marriage, song answer, want a woman not, would rather give money. Don't say nose song, in this respect do better than han can be much higher. Yuan dynasty system to a hierarch, for example, if I marry is zhao, that he can be put into the ancient books (from have). Take small zhao, the color eye MM will drop a grade (CongFu). Marry weeks check if, no problem. Marry Yin away, it was no problem, now bear will report his intermarriage. Marry Yin Yang, that he can really want to regret, no matter in the dried shrimp and era, all want to calculate adultery. The Ming dynasty, the heavy mynah NianHuai, forbid to stay in the central plains han to Mongolia, SeMuRen within the family to marry, only with han Chinese marriage, look no harm, in fact HuJi took a lot of (such as Ming keep NingWu shut in weeks auspicious, the wife is Mongolian), but willing to marry my daughter to my lucky, but not much. The qing dynasty, only banners marry han female, no flag female marry the han people. This is not good - natured.

With several special circumstances, continue to say nano mining etiquette. The most important link, is the drink goose. In the six rite and done marriage, in addition to accept sign (XiaPin) beyond, the rest of the five rite all needs to the man angel holding goose for gift offered to the bride's side. Because the goose is migratory birds, with climate change migration and the north and the south there is a time and spouse fixed, a fall, the other one is no longer choose a spouse. The ancients believed that, geese south to north to accord with Yin and Yang, spouse fixed fulfills the YiLi, marriage to goose for ceremony, the symbol of the Yin and Yang and, as well as the bride's single-mindedness fully. Remember, must be live goose, even after the release, or unlucky. Of course, even in ancient times, wild geese and not easy to start, so can use the goose, also can be pheasant bird instead. Other gift not much said.

The nano mining, the next step is to ask name. The man sent matchmaker to the bride's side asked her name, eight character horoscope. Retrieve heptanoic stick, JiGe ekron horoscope. By the good or ill luck. Heptanoic put flowers in live can much. Such as the Chinese zodiac is exquisite, for example, women taboo of tiger, belong to the sheep. Of course, while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten. At that time there was no identity recognition system. The woman prior please warlock change GengTie can be a potluck. Such as the tiger have went up to the mountain tiger, tiger down the mountain of points, general can rehashing ox or rabbit. So said women age are difficult to guess. Qing millet class chao has a joke, a female virtual change GengTie, "... as hangzhou satrap, his wife by four product seal. Tertiary son after he more than ten years, various for mother says seventy Shang, advance operation objects, people laugh check cloud: one day, not my true a birth also." Terrible, marry so a wife, it is life a great misfortune. Copy a Chinese zodiac song, everybody appreciation: see the sheep ten thousand sorrow, don't call white horse see blue ox, tiger saw the snake has such as knife, the rabbit see dragon is not long, unitary hens and dogs meet, pig invisible ape. Other still have a lot of the head, just to name a few, lest cooking wine unmarriageable spinster to bear the opinion. Heaven and earth and the conscience, bear but respect most of women.

Both sides have close horoscope, and felt that it was, then into the next link: nagy, imre. The man asked name, all the horoscope, will be by the marriage of auspiciousness notice the woman, and gifts offered to engagement etiquette. Will do drink goose ceremony. Is officially a marriage contract. Have a complete set of sign and so on program. Now is probably registration and the belongings before marriage justice program.

Then is the fourth step, nano sign. Also called accept money. Popular point is send dowry. Each generation offers are not the same. Early, with Zi silks, and gold, and in silver, and in an isolated case. The southern song "dream LiangLu · espouse" records: the door a two gold, two silver five, six color satin exterior-interior, miscellaneous silk forty horse. ZhongHu gold five money, silver four two, color satin four exterior-interior, miscellaneous silk 30 horse. Next door silver three two, color satin three exterior-interior, miscellaneous silk 15 horse. Modern let alone. By the way the mainland old movie a detail, an 8 the road ahead, feeling most sister told him to a shoe appearance, it means that the door is liquidated the marriage. It and antique a little relationship, the ancients the man will send silk these items, the woman in return is footgear these, the symbol of the meaning of harmony. In turn to see Chinese old movies, mostly send a handkerchief of shrimp. Not bear hassle, it is unlucky. Send the sole way have a good KouCai, and secondly, practical, and run faster, jump higher, but also very comfortable, even flash than others flash of handsome. Handkerchief? Brandish surrender? Cover the wound? Will theirs? Look how unlucky.

Send a betrothal gifts, down is please period. Calculate good a lucky day, is ready to marry came to new wife. Then is the most important step.

Close to meet. In short is the bridegroom himself bride home etiquette. The groom kiss to meet, the ancient is to the car to the bride's side, the best praise lead worship parents in law and the kiss. Etiquette is a set, and then to meet the bride out get on the car, the groom the wheel three weeks, XianGui. After the bride by car, the bride's side relative number people accompany, referred to as "SongQin". Pay attention to the bride in the carriage, is general by her own, afterwards to march by the man back to. Is known as the "reverse horse". Also is the modern sense of three months the probation period, to formal mount guard. Not a virgin can also return, this most conforms to the Chinese culture core spirit. Good!!!!!!!!!! Ancient and push makeup poetry, barrier car and so on the head. For example, during the tang dynasty YunYang marry the princess, the man LiuChang is best, and push makeup poetry is: "YunAn princess expensive, get married five hou. Day mother adjustable powder, day brother flow gives flower shop. Push the ancient philosophers account, wait for barrier seven cars. May I ask makeup into not, east to XiaoXia". Maid of honor because they think LiuChang operating wu phonetics, quick-minded, all want to talk to him a joke, the palace blue stocking SongReLan, SongReZhao poem way: "ten second floor against azure, chicken luan relative made phoenix tree. Double into go to prison guard, don't make Yu wu (wu song) into the han palace." Land fund yue: "powder surface fairy LangXuanSheng toward, accidentally meet qin female science and flute. Must teach the jade smell, not endure monkshood glede noise magpies bridge." (ancient so artistic best, openly and a matron of honour of the TWINS flirt). Not now, the composition of) the majority and proved. A misunderstanding, meeting the bride disorderly worship, now say husband and wife for him, said it is two head head, greatly this isn't on the LiangShanBo yuanyang stolen sworn ah, GuLi, female to worship, the man return, RuShiZhe four, this is kingcraft, husband way, the way. In addition about meeting the bride location error, the so-called green world of blood, in fact is north Korean custom, when in the tang dynasty after the change, to change in the lecture. "Shi neologism" recorded in the han dynasty, cao cao and YuanShao to rob others' green house, stir the wedding, is actually rob the foreigner's wedding, similar to today's Chinese people rushed into the church to rob a ocean girl. Myth, disorderly wear clothes. Nowadays, people used to disorderly wear, Chinese style wedding, the Chinese dress with Chinese costume, (oh, is it the red and white happy things to do together? , have never seen a authentic Chinese style wedding dress? A chaplet and official robes, the senior cargo how also than four of the republic of the professional standard suit is much better. Western-style wedding, wearing the wrong garland (a not field row, second, not to attend the Olympic Games, is not the sovereign treasure, a wrong position, the situation, it is why), wear the wrong ring (engagement, marriage all don't know), wear the wrong marriage gauze (clearly is bride, partial wear spinster married color). Error three, bridal chamber wedlock wine, also called GeJin. Archaism have "GeJin and Xu", Jin mean is originally a panhu is divided into two gourd ladle: "with a" gourd ladle of panhu is divided into two of 'Jin, with the women, each party holding a piece of each hold one piece to Xu. (this analogy, gourd Eva must be banned). The man want to remember, after drink, want to put the cup upside down, take Yin and Yang and the meaning of life. Otherwise it will be his wife badly. And shoes to put good, cannot be wife shoes stepped on. Clothes also cannot be pressure to and so on.

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